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The ER for BS

The Empathic Regency for Bodily Sovereignty Program

Join Sandra for a FREE one-hour class exploring the program!

Thursday December 28th, 7-8pm


Do you feel like your life is out of control, and no matter what you do it just seems to slip by? Ever wonder why this happens? Are you tired of feeling this way? Does everything you try to fix it seem like a complicated ritual that always leads you back to the same pattern?


I am hear to tell you there is an easier way to create the life your soul longs for. It is so simple, that it is inherently complicated:


The answer is communication!


I’m not just talking about the ability to speak and hear, I mean real understanding and real honest communication. Always feeling heard, no matter what is happening around you.


Join me in a journey of how to truly connect with your self and your surroundings. Every week, we will explore another facet of how we innately communicate. Through exercises, group discussions, and meditations we will then deeply explore the dynamics of the process.


The ER for BS.

The Empathic Regency for Bodily Sovereignty.


The program consists of:


- Weekly videos and exercises to do on your own time.

- Weekly 1-hour group zoom class, Saturday mornings between 9-10am eastern time.

- Group chat and discussion forums.

- Regular guided mini-meditations.

- One-on-one availability with Sandra for questions.

- Monthly wrap-up “Master Class” video with Sandra taking a deeper dive.

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