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Meet Sandra


Meet Sandra Fretwell: Spiritual Mentor and Holistic Facilitator


For over 18 years, Sandra Fretwell has been using her expertise as a Spiritualist to guide and support others on their path to fulfillment. As the creator of Brain Tapping, a comprehensive healing and facilitation modality, and the Empathic Regency for Bodily Sovereignty (ER for BS) monthly program, Sandra is a teacher, mentor, and counselor all rolled into one.


Her practical approach to spirituality involves moving at a pace that supports your individual purpose, working through your perspective and differences, and celebrating our similarities. Sandra understands that everyone's journey is unique, which is why she customizes her programs to help you overcome obstacles and live your best life.


Sandra is certified in a wide range of modalities, including Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, 7Rays Healing with the Ascended Masters, Brain Tapping, Meditation, Trans Channeling, Mediumship, Aromatherapy, and Love. She offers weekly and monthly classes, certification courses, and individual mentorship, readings, and spiritual counseling sessions. Join Sandra on your personal journey towards fulfillment and transformation.



“I can not recommend Sandra Fretwell enough! She is Love on legs, and has a powerful impact to all those who meet her. I’ve experienced her powerful healing and loving energies many times and it has made a profound impact on my life. She is also great when you don’t know what you need."


Sandra has many offerings, available both individually or in partnership with local shops or events. 

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