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Not your mother’s cord cutting!


Sure, we all want that ex to finally disappear or that annoying coworker to finally leave us alone but the benefits of cord cutting are so much more than that! This is about energetic hygiene. Keeping you clean and clear in your own process while enabling everyone else to have theirs too! This is not about kicking people out of your life but strengthening the bonds you want to hold on to by keeping your energy clean and allowing the others to fade off into the distance by not buying in anymore.


This 35 minute guided meditation will allow you to keep a clean line of energy within yourself while allowing for greater connection, more meaningful communication, and a lighter way of supporting those around you while avoiding taking others stuff on as your own.


MP3 downloadable file to save to all of your devices!

35 minute Guided Cord Cutting Meditation - downloadable MP3file

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